Biggest Estonian Entrepreneurship Competition Now Open

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite you to participate in the biggest Estonian entrepreneurship competition Top Estonian Enterprises 2017, which culminates on 5 October with the Company of the Year award ceremony. Applications can be submitted until 30 June.

The competition with the long-term traditions dates back to the year 1996, when by the initiative from President Lennart Meri, the first title of Foreign Investor of the Year 1995 was awarded.

Each year, the competition brings together approximately 500 Estonian companies. The main aim of the entrepreneurship competition is to promote entrepreneurial spirit and recognise the top Estonian companies that can be set as role models for others. This is the largest competition organised in cooperation between the private and public sector in Estonia.

The entrepreneurship competition combines two competitions:

1. The Entrepreneurship Award is organised by the EAS. This competition identifies the companies that have been the most beneficial for the state during the year 2017 in five categories: innovator of the year, foreign investor of the year, responsible company of the year, regional company of the year and exporter of the year. The Entrepreneurship Award is the highest recognition from the state to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit, and is the entrepreneurship competition with the longest history. Apply here.

Alo Ivask, head of the EAS said it is important to recognise active companies and set them as role models for competitors as well as future generations of entrepreneurs. When assessing the companies participating in the competition, we give great consideration to the economic indicators, but we also give importance to the company’s values, culture, innovativeness and contribution to the society. “Estonian economy is a whole, the functioning of each part of which has a direct impact on the entire system. Fierce competition in the name of the Entrepreneurship Award shows that our companies still have the ambition to support and develop this system.

Last year Hekotek AS won the title of Company of the Year, additionally, the company was awarded with the title of Exporter of the Year. Last year’s winners in other categories were: Eastman Specialties OÜ (Regional Company of the Year), Proekspert AS (Design Applier of the Year), Kohila Vineer OÜ (Foreign Investor of the Year), Estonian Cell AS (Innovator of the Year).

2. The Competitiveness Ranking is organised by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The competition draws up the general competitiveness ranking of companies based on economic indicators. In addition to rankings by areas of activity, the best are identified among large-scale, small and medium-sized as well as micro companies. The methodology of the competition has been developed by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research. You can submit your data here.

Mait Palts, head of the Chamber of Commerce said that the Competitiveness Ranking is a reliable and sustainable assessment system that ranks the most competitive Estonian companies. “Standing out in public alone does not mean that the company is successful based on its economic indicators. Real success can be assessed with real economic results,” said Palts. “The aim of the Competitiveness Ranking is to facilitate improving the competitiveness of Estonian companies as well as boosting Estonian economy. I encourage all companies to test themselves as well as to set themselves as an example,” he said.

Winners in 2016: Adcash OÜ (The Most Competitive Small and Medium-Sized Company), SPS Grupp OÜ (The Most Competitive Micro Company), Tallink Grupp AS (The Most Competitive Large-Scale Company).

All companies are welcome to apply at until 30 June 2017.

The best companies will be awarded at the festive award ceremony on 5 October!

Let’s Build Successful Estonia!